Platform Setup

Platform Setup

This is the module where the assigned System Admin sets up the organization of the platform for each SilkFlo tenant.

The below options are available:

Business Units

Following the company’s profile, create a solid organizational structure to be used for all the automations and ideas that will be shared. The System Admin is responsible for configuring a structure for Business Units aligned with the structure of the company.

You can define, manage and edit the Business Units based on the specific organization set-up.


This section helps you define and manage your Application inventory. The System Admin is responsible for creating an itemized list of applications used within the business.


This tab allows you to add Standard Document templates that are present on every Idea > Documentation page. Whenever an Idea is submitted, users will be able to access downloadable document templates, allowing you to standardize the creation of documents like PDDs, SDDs, and others.

Cost Setup

The below categories allow you to configure the cost associated with the RPA implementation:

  • RPA Software Vendor
  • One Time Costs-Implementation People Costs
  • Running Costs-RPA Software Costs
  • Other Running Costs

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Updated on April 3, 2023