Platform Setup

Platform Setup #

This is the module where the assigned System Admin sets up the organization of the platform for each SilkFlo tenant.

The below options are available:

Business Units #

Following the company’s profile, create a solid organizational structure to be used for all the automations and ideas that will be shared. The System Admin is responsible for configuring a structure for Business Units aligned with the structure of the company.

You can define, manage and edit the Business Units based on the specific organization set-up.

Applications #

This section helps you define and manage your Application inventory. The System Admin is responsible for creating an itemized list of applications used within the business.

Cost Setup #

The below categories allow you to configure the cost associated with the RPA implementation:

  • RPA Software Vendor
  • One Time Costs-Implementation People Costs
  • Running Costs-RPA Software Costs
  • Other Running Costs