Assess, Prioritize, and Govern Your AI and Automation Initiatives.

SilkFlo is the strategic layer for automation and AI projects across your organization. From capturing ideas to realizing value, SilkFlo streamlines every step of your AI and Automation journey.

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94.5% of automation and AI projects achieve negative ROI

These are the common challenges:

Hard to find great Automation opportunities

No standard, data-driven methodology across departments

Takes time to create and maintain reports

Process documents are decentralised

Difficult to measure success of Intelligent Automation program

Lack of stakeholder engagement

The SilkFlo Lifecycle: A Seamless Journey from Idea to Value

Whether you’re implementing RPA, IDP, chatbots, low-code or ML, SilkFlo is the intelligence layer that you need to Discover, Manage and Track them all in one place.

Streamline your automation and AI workflow with SilkFlo

SilkFlo’s five-step lifecycle simplifies the complex path of automation and AI projects, ensuring a smooth transition from inception to tangible value.

How it Works


Crowdsource Ideas

You now have a dedicated home for your automation and AI projects.
With SilkFlo, democratize idea generation by crowdsourcing them from your workforce.

Collaborate and drive Digital Transformation across your business at scale.


Prioritize, Instantly.

Equip your Automation and AI Center of Excellence with SilkFlo. Quickly identify poor opportunities and minimize chances of failure while optimizing your pipeline for success.

Deploying a toolkit of leading Intelligent Automation solutions like Power Automate, SAP, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and BluePrism has never been easier.


Deliver better outcomes

Transform your developer output and streamline your intelligent automation pipeline with SilkFlo’s pipeline manager. Enjoy 30% faster delivery times with complete visibility and context from Idea to Delivery.

Process automation manager, SilkFlo


Measure your Impact with ease.

The SilkFlo API allows you to to track your Intelligent Automation toolkit, no matter the tech or vendor.

Say goodbye to manually compiling data from different systems. Access all the information you need about your automation program’s impact and performance. Confidently communicate achievements to senior stakeholders.

Integrate your whole HyperAutomation tech stack

SilkFlo API - integrate your whole hyperautomation tech stack

For every stage of
your Automation and AI journey

Small Automation Team

Just getting started

Dedicated Automation Center of Excellence SilkFlo

Scale up

Enterprise Intelligent Automation SilkFlo

Enterprise Intelligent Automation

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No more guesswork. No more fragmented strategies.

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