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View of a SilkFlo user's AI and Automation portfolio dashboard, showing stats on current AI pipeline opportunities, charts for program performance and pipeline complexity, as well as a list of all AI and AUtomation projects in flux, from their SilkFlo AI strategy platform

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Ryan Barker
Ryan BarkerCTO - Re-Insurance
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"Before SilkFlo, our RPA and AI projects were in spreadsheets - it was chaotic, wasted time and lacked transparency. Now it's all unified, seamless. And the best part? Seeing how easily our team comes together and collaborates."
Roland Szymanski
Roland SzymanskiCOO - Electronics Manufacturing
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“SilkFlo has been crucial for our automation and AI initiatives. From Discovery, to Build, to Go-Live, SilkFlo has helped us discover 100s of ideas, with forecasted benefits of over 2 million euros.
Matt Allen
Matt AllenAutomation Director - Consulting
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"With SilkFlo, we can see our automation and AI projects clearly in one pipeline, making prioritization and delivery faster than ever. It's a truly dedicated tool we wish we had earlier."
Mario Lazo
Mario LazoSenior Program Lead for AI & Automation - Consulting
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"SilkFlo enables a culture where everyone's input is valued. The ideation feature allows the whole org to share and measure ideas effortlessly, driving better automation solutions from the get-go."
Georgina Owens
Georgina OwensCTO
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SilkFlo eliminates the silos when implementing AI and automation. With centralised governance, it's easier to get stakeholder buy-in and keep everyone aligned on company strategy and goals.

Common challenges when adopting AI

Hard to find high-ROI opportunities

Siloed deployment across departments

No visibility leads to duplications and wasted time

Process articles and documents are scattered

Lack of KPIs or method to measure success and ROI of your investments

Lack of stakeholder engagement and buy-in holds your efforts back

Streamline your automation and AI workflow with SilkFlo

SilkFlo simplifies the complex path of automation and AI projects, provides visibility, and ensures a smooth transition from inception to tangible value.

How SilkFlo Helps You

Collaborative Discovery

Not sure where to find use cases for AI or low-code automation?

Stagnant idea pools and limited workforce engagement can stall progress.

SilkFlo revives your strategy, tapping into the collective genius of your workforce for a continuous, organic growth of automation and AI use-cases. Save time, boost visibility, and keep innovating.

SilkFlo - Ideation for AI and Automation use cases

Prioritize Use Cases.

The risk of investing in the wrong opportunities can derail your AI and automation efforts.

70% of AI and automation projects fail to acheive ROI, due to being archived, put on hold, or not meeting the expected benefits.

SilkFlo empowers your team to weed out poor options, focusing on high-impact solutions. Use our built-in business case and risk assessment module to maximize success with leading AI and low-code solutions like Power Automate, Druid AI, NICE, SAP, UiPath, ChatGPT, and others.

Simplify your journey to success, reduce risk, and stay ahead.

Efficiency in Execution

Using spreadsheets or generic tools to track your pipeline?

Inefficient pipeline management can lead to delayed delivery times and lack of clarity amongst stakeholders. SilkFlo streamlines your development journey with data-driven decisions. 

Achieve faster delivery times and unparalleled visibility, transforming how your ideas evolve into tangible, successful outcomes.

Analytics for AI and automation return on Investment

Measure your Impact with ease.

The SilkFlo API allows you to track the live benefits your AI and Automation solutions, no matter the tech or vendor.

Access all the information you need about your automation program’s impact and performance. All in one holistic view.

Say goodbye to manually compiling data from different systems and building internal BIU dashboards. Confidently gain buy-in from senior stakeholders with metrics chosen by experts.

Integrate your whole HyperAutomation tech stack

The SilkFlo API allows you to track your entire AI and Automation toolkit, no matter the tech or vendor, from idea to production. Whether from upstream solutions like Process Mining, to RPA, low-code, Intelligent Document Processing, ML, or GenAI.

SilkFlo API - integrate your whole hyperautomation tech stack

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