Setting up Business Units

Organize your automations and ideas by defining a custom Business Units structure for your organization. You can create up to 3 levels and make changes like updating, and removing them using the editor found on the Business Units tab.

When you first visit the Business Units page, you’ll see an example to help you set up your levels or you can delete them and create your own. The Search function allows you to easily find Business Units by searching the title. To edit the Business Units page, simply click on one of the “+ Add” options on Business Units table. You can:

  • Add new Business Units and their sub-areas
  • Edit – the changes will reflect throughout the SilkFlo platform
  • Delete ones not used in an Automation or Idea. A warning popup will appear before deletion.

Click Save to save your changes or click “Enter” on your keyboard.

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Updated on August 25, 2023