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This module, available for all standard users,

Welcome to SilkFlo’s Explore section! Available for all users, here, you can browse, like, follow, and share all the great automation and AI ideas submitted by users across your organization. The Explore section is divided into three sub-menus: Ideas, Automations, and People.


The Ideas section allows you to view all the ideas submitted by users, and filter them based on department, applications used, stage of the project, and more. You can quickly find the automation and AI ideas that interest you and even leave a Like or Follow the idea to stay up to date with any developments.


The Automations section contains all the published and ready-to-use automations and AI solutions. Browse through and find the ones that can help streamline your work and increase efficiency.


Lastly, the People section lists all the users who are part of your tenant. You can easily find and connect with colleagues and coworkers, and collaborate on projects together.

With SilkFlo’s Explore section, you can stay up to date with all the latest automation and AI ideas in your organization, connect with coworkers, and improve productivity.

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Updated on February 16, 2024
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