Welcome to the Workshop!

Welcome to the SilkFlo Workshop section, your go-to hub for managing the your automation pipeline. Here, you can keep track of all your ideas and automations, from inception to implementation. Let’s dive into how it works.

📋 Navigating the Lists

In the Workshop, you’ll find several lists that help you categorize and manage your ideas and automation pipeline. Here’s what each list represents:

  • All: a list containing all the ideas and automations in all stages and statuses.
  • Review: a list containing the ideas and automations waiting to be reviewed:
    • All ideas in Idea stage with any status;
    • All ideas suggested by employees.
  • Assess: a list containing ideas and automations that need assessment:
    • All ideas moved from Review stage to Assess stage with any status;
    • All ideas created by the CoE are automatically moved here.
    • Assess stage unlocks the Detailed Assessment
  • Decide: a list containing ideas and automations waiting for an implementation decision to be taken:
    • All ideas in Qualification stage and Awaiting review or On Hold status.
  • Build: a list containing ideas and automations in AnalysisSolution DesignDevelopmentTesting, stages or Qualification stage, and Approved status.
  • Deployed: a list containing ideas and automations in deployed stage, any status.

The information available in the Workshop’s views (All, Review, Decision Pipeline, Implementation, and Live) can be accessed by the users based on their account assigned permissions. Please check the Roles with Access to the Automation Pipeline for details.

⚙️ Actions

To the left of each idea or automation, there is a 3 line icon. Once clicked, you’ll find a set of actions that let you:

  • Manage Stages: Update or change the phase or status of your idea or automation.
  • View Details: Get an in-depth look at the specifics of your project.
  • Edit: Make real-time changes to your idea or automation.
  • Delete: Remove an idea or automation from the pipeline.


The Detailed Assessment section is designed to give you full control over your automation pipeline. With categorized lists and actionable options, you’re well-equipped to manage your projects efficiently. Happy strategizing!

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Updated on September 29, 2023