Introduction to SilkFlo

SilkFlo – Automation Lifecycle Manager

Easily discover, manage and measure your Intelligent Automation pipeline

Managing a Digital Automation initiative has its challenges. There are many opportunities across your organisation, but how can you discover them while keeping your employees engaged?

Then, as you progress from low-hanging fruit to the more complex processes, it becomes more and more difficult to discover new ideas, qualify them, estimate the costs, the benefits, and track their impact on your organisation – especially if you are using spreadsheets!

SilkFlo’s Automation Lifecycle Manager unleashes the potential of your Digital Automation initiative, uncovering great ideas, and helping you manage and measure your pipeline with real-time collaboration, visibility and control.


  • Opportunity Identifier
  • Pipeline Management
  • ROI Analysis
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Role Management
  • Governance Framework

Key Benefits

Create a great Automation Pipeline, Fast.

A great pipeline is crucial to Digital Automation success. Democratise idea generation by crowdsourcing them from employees all over the business. Cut your process discovery time in half and turn these opportunities into successful automations.

Collaborate and drive Digital Transformation across your business at scale.

Identify the best processes, Instantly.

Equip your Automation Center of Excellence with SilkFlo to rapidly qualify ideas for Intelligent Automation based on process fitness and system readiness. Whether you use RPA, low-code/BPM, OCR/IDP, chatbots/NLP, ML, or AI, spot poor opportunities with SilkFlo before you start work!

Our platform improves successful deployments of Power Automate, SAP, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, and other leading Intelligent Automation solutions by 75%.

Measure your Impact with ease.

Give your CoE access to real-time analytics that tell you everything you need to know about the impact of your Intelligent Automation program. No more wasted time collating data from various spreadsheets and forms.

Easily communicate your benefits and performance to senior stakeholders and get the buy-in you need to scale!

Make Better Decisions with data.

Centrally manage your Intelligent Automation pipeline and let our inbuilt algorithms show you what’s worth automating.
SilkFlo gives you the framework and insight to tackle the best improvements first.

Democratise your Automation initiative with SilkFlo and accelerate your organisation on its path to Intelligent Automation.

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Updated on July 15, 2022